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Voice Dial (speech recognition app) app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 9742 ratings )
Business Utilities
1.99 USD
Current version: 1.0.2, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 28 Jul 2008
App size: 1.72 Mb

Speech recognition for your iPhone: dial numbers without looking at the screen. Just speak to call the number. Accurate, fast and much safer in the car.

VoiceDial stores your speech samples and links them to your contacts. When youre on the go, it lets you keep in touch even when your hands are full.

The software has been tested by professional technology writers, and they found it to work flawlessly:

Gizmodo: "Voice dialing is one of the iPhones missing features, but Voice Dial goes a long way to patching it up and works well"

Engadget: "Voice Dial for iPhone delivers everything youd expect from a voice dial app"

San Jose Mercury News: “It works as advertised. In my short test, VoiceDial had no problems recognizing the contact I wanted to call, even when it was similar to other names Id recorded.”

Pros and cons of Voice Dial (speech recognition app) app for iPhone and iPad

Voice Dial (speech recognition app) app good for

My opinion is the application is in early development stage: I had to rebote 5 times the phone in order to add 18 recordings- 3 for each of the 3 aplication function and 9- 3 for each of the 3 contacts I entered; The recognition still laks accuracy compared to other phones; I had to rebote one more time the phone during voice dialing as the application freezed; The Preferences screen mises the Home button option- as shown in the application description screen. I really hope future update will fix all those bugs- only than that application will worth its price. My rating is taking in view only the present functionnality of the application but Ill be generous because it is the first serious try to add the missing iPhone voice dial function.
This is a very accurate application. Pay attention to not start record the sample first 1/2 second.Same when you called the name.Look at the bar/line.Also record 2-3 different versions for each name.Wonderful for non english born people.
Not comparable to app native to other phones, but reasonably functional if you follow the guidelines. May need reinstallation if stops functioning. Considering other iphone apps, which are unacceptable since they upload contacts to their server, I recommend it.
Great program. Yes, it might call Joe instead of job, but if you set it up right, youll get close to 100% right response.
When I came home with the iPhone, my wife, had only two issues. One was that she and other women have finger nails, the acceleromter screen will not recognize her finger nails. Two, unlike her current cell phone, the iPhone had no Voice Dial. Now, in all fairness, with her current phone, she must take it out of her bag, open the phone and touch one button, then speak a name to Voice Dial. This program requires the iPhone to be turned on, DUH!, to be unlocked for use, DUH! and you must select this program in order to speak a name for it to recognize and then call. Yes, it does repeat your recorded name, by saying, you said "Wife" or "Mother" or "Work" or "Phillip" or whatever the recorded name you taught this program. After that it works flawlessly, I activate the iPhone, I unlock the screen, select Voice dial and speak the "Mother" I want to call and it does it perfectly. I am sorry, this is Voice Dial, it works just as I thought it would, its name is not Voice Dial for Bluetooth for iPhone and it is worth $14.99. I cant take my wife or my mother to a movie for $14.99 but I can call them without dialing. I cant purchase four gallons of gas for $14.99 but I can have voice dial on my iPhone. I am personally without a job, yes, unemployed but $14.99 is nothing for a program which actually works. So, any review here, which is less than truthful, you the public thinking about whether this is the application to purchase to get the needed Voice Dial which was left out on the iPhone we love so much, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, *****, five stars. Mark G. Cooper, Phoenix, Arizona
Period. It works flawlesly if you read the instructions first and follow the steps accurately. Stop writing bad reviews unless you actually try the program first. This is a great app if you know how to use it. Five stars *****

Some bad moments

If I have two contacts installed in the app, the program nevertheless makes errors, it seem it flips a virtual coin to decide who to call. I dont understand how a few customers come to a positive conclusion regarding the app, it doesnt work for me.
This needs A LOT more work. Not accurate at all. A success rate of 50% is being generous for correct recognition.
Easy enough to record the voice tags, but recognition on attempts to voice dial is laughably bad. When attempting to voice dial "home", Voice Dial offered me "Janice at work" twice, and my dentists office once, before I gave up. I love the idea, however, and Ive paid for the application, so I look forward to improved functionality, please oh please.
This is a very poor App. Most phones nowadays have quality Voice Recognition that doesnt require being "taught". This App has to be taught your voice for everyone you might want to call. Also the Help feature is non existant.
It does not work with my bluetooth device in fact it rarely works at all... It works one out of every ten times and this is even after re-recording the contacts several times. Dont waste your money!
This is one of those situations where a refund is needed. This app works about 10% of the time and rarely finds the right contact. Sorry guys you have a long way to go before this app is acceptable.