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Bummer IMO

If I have two contacts installed in the app, the program nevertheless makes errors, it seem it flips a virtual coin to decide who to call. I dont understand how a few customers come to a positive conclusion regarding the app, it doesnt work for me.

Voice Dial

My opinion is the application is in early development stage: I had to rebote 5 times the phone in order to add 18 recordings- 3 for each of the 3 aplication function and 9- 3 for each of the 3 contacts I entered; The recognition still laks accuracy compared to other phones; I had to rebote one more time the phone during voice dialing as the application freezed; The Preferences screen mises the Home button option- as shown in the application description screen. I really hope future update will fix all those bugs- only than that application will worth its price. My rating is taking in view only the present functionnality of the application but Ill be generous because it is the first serious try to add the missing iPhone voice dial function.


This needs A LOT more work. Not accurate at all. A success rate of 50% is being generous for correct recognition.

Needs more work

Easy enough to record the voice tags, but recognition on attempts to voice dial is laughably bad. When attempting to voice dial "home", Voice Dial offered me "Janice at work" twice, and my dentists office once, before I gave up. I love the idea, however, and Ive paid for the application, so I look forward to improved functionality, please oh please.

Worth the money.

This is a very accurate application. Pay attention to not start record the sample first 1/2 second.Same when you called the name.Look at the bar/line.Also record 2-3 different versions for each name.Wonderful for non english born people.

Very Poor

This is a very poor App. Most phones nowadays have quality Voice Recognition that doesnt require being "taught". This App has to be taught your voice for everyone you might want to call. Also the Help feature is non existant.

Reasonably functional

Not comparable to app native to other phones, but reasonably functional if you follow the guidelines. May need reinstallation if stops functioning. Considering other iphone apps, which are unacceptable since they upload contacts to their server, I recommend it.

Ok so far

I love that I didnt have to upload contacts to a website or connect to website every time I want to dial handsfree. Payoff is that you end up having to preprogram every contact but I can live with that ... how many people do I really call from my car anyway? Lets see how well it does with engine noise in the background though. (I may need to add or subtract stars.)


Great program. Yes, it might call Joe instead of job, but if you set it up right, youll get close to 100% right response.

What a piece of junk!

It does not work with my bluetooth device in fact it rarely works at all... It works one out of every ten times and this is even after re-recording the contacts several times. Dont waste your money!

What a waste

This is one of those situations where a refund is needed. This app works about 10% of the time and rarely finds the right contact. Sorry guys you have a long way to go before this app is acceptable.


If I could give it minus five stars I would. This app. is hilarious. You call one name and app. tells you something Completly different!!!

refund would be appropriate ...

... however, since this app hasnt been updated since 2009, my guess is that its been abandoned. Absolutely useless; not only did it not recognize the names I said, but it wasnt even close ... it produced results in a seemingly random way, even when I said the same one-syllable name (which produced three-syllable responses). I only had 12 contacts recorded, so it could be worse ... thankfully havent spent too much time on it and am glad to have it no longer wasting space on my phone. Wish I hadnt spent that $1.99, though.

if only it could recognise voices it would be great

Just like everyone else said. It doesnt work. I guess anybody can make up something and sell it as an app for $2

Works Half the Time if at all

I would not buy this app. If you have more than one name recorded it has an issue. If I say "Joan" it comes back with "Becky". Itunes will not help get your money back. They tell you to go back to the company, and then you are in a black hole, you get nowhere. There needs to be a better way, when you buy something to be able to get your money back.


Do not waste your money on this bad application. I am surprised that iTunes allows itself to be used for this incomplete, bad application that kept re-dialing my friends, family and work associates. It was embarrasing to say the least! Makyama indicates they are going to come with a solution for this problem soon, well they should be put in jail for selling it the awy it is. I just wasted $15.00 and learned a lesson...."Just because the Apple stores sells it , it does not mean it works properly! Adios Makayama!

Software not Cracked Up to What Its Supposed to Be and Neither is the Software Developer

I bought this application when it was still priced at $24.95 and have weathered the issues with application continuing to dial contacts even after the call was made. (This was corrected in the last update). However, I questioned Makayama about using the application for calls that had more than 10 digits (e.g., voice mailboxes) because the calls wouldnt go through. They wrote back in day or two telling me that it would be corrected in the next update. Guess what? VoiceDial still does not work with these types of calls -- the application freezes. I again questioned Makayama about this issue, and four days later --NO RESPONSE. Buyer beware!!

Quite a pathetic Application

What a disappointment! The app just doesnt work, regardless as to how fast or how slow you record your contact(s). Dont bother!!

I Retract My Good Rating

OK. I was premature in giving this ap a high rating. It initially worked most of the time, under ideal conditions and I thought that the reason for the remaining problems, was that I needed to learn to be more consistent, in saying names. Not so. Note: I waited for the first update to come out, before posting this review, just in case they fixed the recognition. In fact, the recognition improved marginally, in the latest release, but not nearly enough to make the ap worthwhile. In all fairness, I must say that this app is so much better than the VoiceCloud pseudo-voice dialer, that it is beyond comparison. The main difference is that VoiceCloud only looks up the address book entry and you still have to manually select the number to dial, while the Makayama (sp.) ap actually dials the number for you - at least, on those occasions when it recognizes the name correctly. Recognition is the problem. Even when following all of the instructions, it cannot tell the difference between "Becky cell", "Becky work" and "Becky home". Interestingly, my wifes KRZR correctly recognizes all three of those phrases, without need for training. Some names, it has few problems with, while others are routinely recognized incorrectly. Its as though they are using a recognition algorythim that is 6 or 8 years old. The recognition software needs lots of work. Its just sad that on the worlds most advanced cell phone, we have to rely on a 3rd party app that is handicapped by Apple, instead of having full-featured native voice dialing, as part of the basic features in the system, like every other modern cell phone in the world.

LOL.......WOW this thing is terrible, Just Terrible

After training of this thing on 3 contacts, I would say it works maybe one out of ten times. Save your money.

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